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re-enamelled roll-top bath

Providing quality bath re enamelling and resurfacing for residential and commercial properties

Hello and welcome to Shire Bath Re-enamelling, a company dedicated to providing quality bath resurfacing backed up with a 3 year guarantee.

Our standards are the highest in the industry. Our resurfacing service offers real value for money; your enamelled bath will be restored to its original look and quality, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

I personally have been re-enamelling baths for over 10 years. I only ever work on one bath a day in order to achieve the high quality finish that both you and I expect. Outside of residential work, many hotels, including Claridges of London, also take advantage of our ability to transform old worn out baths into new, bright, hard wearing, long lasting items of pride.The prestigious Stone Easton Park Hotel in Bath use our re-enamelling services. Ricky wil be happy to provide a reference for us. You can call him on 07935 268843.

So whatever the reason. If your cast-iron bathtub has become dull and hard to clean through many years of use. Maybe your roll-top bath is the wrong colour. Or you've dragged a rusty iron bath out of a field, after 10 years of use as a watering hole for a farmer's horse! (see Extreme Case), Shire Bath Re-Enamelling can transform it into a bath which is equal, or often superior, to the quality of many baths manufactured today.

Our head office is located in Worcester, and we have a smaller base in Birmingham. We cover a large area of the UK, including The Midlands, Telford, Cheltenham, Worcestershire, The Cotswolds, Herefordshire and most of Wales. Please see our Regional Coverage page for more detail.

Please give us a call to discuss your re-enamelling requirements

Steve Roffe